Belmacil's powerful Swiss formula stands our above the rest with the longest lasting and most gentle eyelash tint colours on the planet! No clumps, no mess, just long lasting colour for up to 6-8 weeks!


Content - 20ml colour tube in your chose. Up to 100 applications per tube.


Belmacil No. 1 Black is the darkest colour, perfect for clients with dark brown hair.

Belmacil No. 2 Blue-Black is our most popular color. Blue-Black will add more depth by adding lustre to the lashes and is suitable for many skin types.

Belmacil No. 3 Dark Brown is a very dark brown with a solid matte coverage giving more natural look.  TIP: Can be mixed with No. 3.1 Light Brown to achieve lighter colours for eyebrows.

Belmacil No. 3.1 Light Brown is perfect for clients with lighter hair that want a more subtle and natural effect to the lashes or eyebrows. TIP: Can be added to other browns to achieve different shades of browns.

Belmacil No 3.3 Honey Brown is a beautiful brown tone to add subtle definition to lighter hair colour adding depth with a honey glaze. This colour suites blondes and very light brown hair.

Belmacil No. 4 Blue is great for blondes and lighter hair, however, is also popular with darker hair colours.

Belmacil No. 5 Graphite if good for covering grey or white hair. TIP: Can be added to any brown to cut any unwanted warm tones.

Belmacil No. 6 Violet is a fantastic colour for blondes and light brown, however can still be used for darker hair shades.

Belmacil No. 7 Green is amazing for lighter coloured hair and people with blue, green, or brown eyes. TIP: You can add a little Black to add more definition with a green shimmer for clients with darker hair.


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